The idea of having her own practice was firmly planted in Katerina’s mind even before their son Timmy was born. How to approach veterinary care differently; how to make it less stressful for everyone involved; how to make it more about patients then the common “Next please!”(There is 15 more waiting)” service; how to make it more James Herriot-ish again? What can she do to make the veterinary profession more personal and how?

Katerina attended a specific “How to start your own veterinary practice” course in Glasgow and that certainly opened her eyes as in how much management, marketing and economics are involved in a modern day practice and how much patients really are actually just a number. It also shown her, how very expensive it is to start and especially to run a conventional practice. The concept of a mobile veterinary clinic was based on thorough research. And once the idea set in, there was no turning back!

It took quite a while to get every little detail sorted, more so, as there was still a little baby to consider, and also because Katerina started to concentrate more on additional services, alternatives, to commonly used approaches. That all together lead onto finishing the Isle of Man government Small Business Start Up Scheme last year, accomplishing the highest available qualifications on Chronic Pain Management and Acupuncture earlier this year and gaining additional certificate in not a very well known Animal Dorn Method.

So, what is so different about the Point of Care – mobile veterinary clinic? Time is a very valuable commodity in every household in this day and age. Parents are busy, the children have school or nursery and many participate in extracurricular activities that limits the family’s time. As mobile vets, we not only can help you to take care of your animal’s health, but also we can give you valuable time to spend at home with your family rather than in a practice waiting rooms!

More so, coming to your home means less stress for your animal and you! No more scary journeys, pitiful meowing from an already soiled basket, purring of the cat which has nothing to do with him/her being happy, rabbits with sky rocketing heartbeat which is impossible to count or a dog who is shaking like a leave even before getting through the vet’s door! And shall we mention you as owners, who arrive with a clear idea of what to say and how, but somehow are feeling intimidated by a doctor/dentist kind of environment and are overwhelmed with the mount of informations coming their way?

“My vet can do house visits too”, do I hear? Yes, that is true, but we can provide all the services right there and then! Would you like to know if there is something sinister going on in your animal’s body but not comfortable leaving your dog in a vet surgery for a whole day or more? Need a blood test and know the result more or less straight away? Does your animal need a surgery? That all can be done at your doorstep! The Point of Care is fully equipped clinic with state-of-the-art anaesthetic machine, theatre lighting and operating table, monitoring machine which run ECG and blood pressure, emergency blood machine, x ray specifically made for use in vehicles, video otoscope, camera microscope and plenty of other interesting and helpful equipment to help you understand diagnostics and make the right decision for your pet.

Our mobile internet allows us to get access to our veterinary software and keep the patients records at our fingertips, whilst a mobile card machine makes payment quick and convenient for you.

Give us a call, we are more than happy to show you our mobile clinic.