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Chronic Pain Management is referring to a long term condition, such as muscle or joint pain, for example arthritis, dysplasia, spondylosis; dental pain, dermatological conditions including ears, feet and anal sacks, or chronic visceral problem relating to the kidney, bladder or pancreas, which can be slowly degrading and changes in your animal could be very subtle one, sometimes the medication is not as effective as before, different conditions develop and make it difficult or impossible to keep using medication which has worked well in the past. 

The Chronic Pain Consultation is a 1 to 1 ½ hours long, and includes a questionnaire, which considers the owner’s expectations as well as pet behavioural assessment, specific examination of gait and movement, examination for sources of pain, and evaluates the level of suffering; which leaves us with a list of possibilities, of how to manage and hopefully improve your animals well being. If suitable, an acupuncture treatment can be performed during this consultation. 

The plan is made individually to your pet and will always include:
• analgesia (there is plenty medication which can be used to control pain, don’t you worry, we can find something which is suitable and working, obviously less common methods to relieve pain can be included – Animal Dorn Method, Acupuncture or Electro acupuncture are very effective with no sign effects); 
• bodyweight and body condition (underweight patient is as serious problem as overweight); 
• control over the management by owner; in terms of medication, the discussion of possible side effects and complication, monitoring and pet comfort; 
• disease modification e.g. surgery if needed and suitable;
• exercise does not necessarily mean restriction, however some logical approach should be applied.